Charity of the year 2022

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We are looking for charities that do good locally and/or nationally, and by doing good, help people to feel good. We are wellbeing community choirs, but you don’t have to be an organisation focussed on wellbeing. As long as you’re doing work that puts good back into the world, we’d love to know more about you through your application.


What type of organisation is eligible to apply?


Registered charities are eligible to apply. Private enterprise and government, local authority, and public sector organisations are not eligible.


How does Charity of the Year work?


After you submit your application, it will be considered by a Shortlisting Panel made up of our choristers. If you are ranked by them as one of the top 5 organisations, you’ll be up for consideration with a mass vote from all our singers. The top voted charity will be named Charity of the Year. (The vote of our choristers will be final, and unfortunately, we are unable to provide feedback to any organisation that is unsuccessful.)


If you are selected as Charity of the Year, Choirs For Good will perform concerts and gigs to raise funds for you. Each choir in our network will take part in at least one gig in the year that is all about supporting your cause. But there is much more to be gained from being Charity of the Year, if you’re willing to get involved with us! We will work with you if you need performers for fundraising events, will circulate information about your work to all our singers, feature you on our social media, and invite representatives from your organisation to make presentations at select performances and rehearsals. You can help us organise bucket collections, raffles, bake sales, and more! Your level of involvement will help us raise more money for your very worthy cause.


You’ll receive the full award amount at the end of your year as Charity of the Year.


What amount of money is awarded to the Charity of the Year?


This number will vary based on the year and any support we can get from you to help us raise more. This is our first year and we estimate the total amount will be a minimum of £5,000.00, thanks to ticket sales from the dedicated gigs we will organise on your behalf. However, the more collection tins, website content, and informative literature you can provide to us will mean more income for you, and if you have an event or an idea for a performance opportunity that might result in a windfall of donations, we’d love to discuss how we can make it happen for you!


What evidence and reporting does my organisation need to provide for how we spend the money?


The award you receive from Choirs For Good will be unrestricted, so you can spend it within your organisation however you see fit. However, you must submit a report 6 months on from receiving the money from us, that tells us how you have spent or are planning to spend the money. We will put this on our social media and website, so it doesn’t need to be long and formal. But it should grab attention and let our networks know how their dedicated fundraising work in the year have aided the work of your organisation.



Applications for this year's Charity of the Year selection are now closed. Please sign up to our mailing list for news on the 2023 application process.